“Tim Harrower’s ‘Inside Reporting’ does for reporting what his design handbook did for designers — rejuvenates the subject by providing the basic skills in a form that students will read. Harrower’s style almost guarantees that my students will learn how to provide their readers with information in a visually pleasing manner. And they can’t stop reading. I’ve never seen that before with any other reporting textbook."

Mark Witherspoon,


Iowa State University



“An innovative text designed in a far more imaginative way than any other media writing book that I’ve ever seen.”

Sara Stone,


Baylor University



“THE book for the new generation of students. It’s entertaining and visual, and that’s the way students learn these days.”

John Zibluk,


Arkansas State University


Inside Reporting

Third Edition — available July 2012





At last: a visual, interactive guide to reporting that’s actually FUN to read. This revolutionary new textbook explores the art and craft of journalism — print media, the Web, broadcasting, public relations, even blogging — with more than 350 pages that explain such topics as:

Newswriting: how to write leads and structure stories that convey facts quickly and effectively.

Reporting: how to gather material, select sources, conduct interviews and take accurate notes.

Online media: how to add links, multimedia and user participation to ordinary stories.

Packages: how to add photos and graphics to stories -- and create “converged” multimedia for online presentation.

Law and ethics: what every journalist must know about libel, plagiarism and censorship.

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