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“This is exactly the text I need to teach this course. As someone who has worked in both newspapers and television, I recognize its grounding in actual media practice (so the text doesn’t contradict what I say in class). And it engages students with its clear writing, chunked content, compelling layout and humor. I love to tell this story about the first time I used the book: After I gave a quiz to my Media Writing class on the first chapter, I asked the class how they liked Inside Reporting. After a few offerings of ‘It was good’ and ‘I liked it,’ the class broke out in applause. THAT never happened before!”

Mark Plenke,

Normandale Community College


“Inside Reporting is a lively and thorough introduction to journalism that starts from the ground up. The lively writing and exciting visual presentation make it perfect for an introductory-level journalism course.”

Jack Dimond,

Missouri State University


“This is the most engaging and entertaining text about journalism writing that I have found. Students actually read this book.”

Kym Fox,

Texas State University, San Marcos

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The Five W's

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About this book


The Five W's

taking notes

Taking notes


Writing leads

writing obituaries
covering fires



Covering fires

guide to trouble

Guide to trouble


Reporting on multiple platforms



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