into the shadow
while she speaks about the sea
all my life
of course
that's what humans do
not enough love
if only

I don't like to walk in the park when it rains
I don't like to stroll through the zoo
I don't like to go to the movies with somebody new

I never was much for romancin' or dancin' til dawn
But lately I'm changing my tune
The old inhibitions are gone
’Cause I do it for you

I used to think I was clever, that I was immune
That love didn't matter to me
But now I'm never together
Whenever I find I'm without you
What can I do?

I don't like rings on my fingers or stars in my eyes
Or coming completely unglued
I never ignored other guys
But I do it for you

Maybe I'm crazy, or maybe I'm blind
But baby, I'm bonkers for you
I may be wasting my time
But I've been trying ever since I met you
To get to you

I never had any desire to overdo it, but I'm overdue
And I'm assumin' that you're human too
’Cause I'd do it for you
'Cause I'd do it for you
Do I do it for you?


Arrangement, all instruments: Tim
Vocals: Robin

© 2011 by Tim Harrower