into the shadow
while she speaks about the sea
all my life
of course
that's what humans do
not enough love
if only

PRODUCTION NOTES: A friend of ours pointed out that many of these songs are bleak and dark, and he wondered if we were depressed. The actual reason is, in part, because a lot of our early stuff was too perky. Gooey. Cheesey. So, to avoid being perceived aslightweight, we took on heavier content. And sometimes, when you hear a pretty soprano voice singing gloomy lyrics, it seems darker than when, say, Neil Young or Leonard Cohen does it.

We've got new tunes in the works that are more upbeat — or, at least, ambiguous. As Dylan and John Lennon both understood, when in doubt, write lyrics that make no frickin' sense.

Digitized guitars, strings, bass and angel voices: Tim
Vocals: Robin

Music and lyrics © 2009 by Tim Harrower


Why depress me like this?
Nobody's perfect
Least of all me
Tell me why try
To distress me like this?
I'm just a helpless girl
In a heartless world

In heaven
Angels gaze at the earth below
It's a wonderful show
This strange little zoo
And they laugh til they cry
While we squander each
Precious day of our lives
So clueless and blue
’Cause that's what humans do

People living in harmony
Contented and free
Devoted and true
That won't happen
We're more likely to sell
Our hopes and our dreams
For trinkets and booze
’Cause that's what humans do

Why is it
People suffering everywhere
We don't want to care
We fortunate few
We can't see them
’Cause we're watching these
Videos and cartoons
And shopping for shoes
’Cause that's what humans do