Seventh Edition





It’s the book that designers have relied on for two decades. Now it’s better than ever, with 296 colorful pages on such topics as:

Page design: how to combine text, headlines and photos to create attractive, effective pages.

Photography: how to select, scan, size and crop images for maximum impact.

Infographics: how to create smart charts & graphs.

Redesigns: how to upgrade your paper’s design.

Alternative story forms: how to write in more visual, accessible ways.

• All the basics you’ll ever need to know about flags, sigs, bylines, teasers, jumps, color use and more.


newspaper designer's handbook
“This is a significant update to a book that has inspired thousands of the top designers in the profession today. The greatly improved Web design chapter will help keep this manual vital for a new generation, as well as all those Harrowerphiles looking to become more multimedia fluent."

Tracy Collins,

deputy managing editor, The Arizona Republic



“The Newspaper Designer’s Handbook is not just the greatest single source for teaching and learning about publication design, but it continues to evolve with each edition, perfecting and adapting as the industry itself grows and evolves.”

Steve Dorsey, design director, Detroit Free Press


“ I wish I had had Tim’s handbook as my guide when I was a student. Informative, reader-friendly, witty -- it should be on every designer’s desk, student or professional.”

Wayne Kamidoi, art director for sports, The New York Times

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Newspaper Designer's Handbook